About Fito Pardo

He has been trained By Trata Films: Panavision-Mexico, for a short period of 6 months, then he worked for MTV where he assisted camera on MTV News-Mexico; they used him when there was not cameramen on place and was an Emergency.

He was part of the Group “A cada quien su Luz” (each one has a different light) that was organized in Mexico City, by the Photographer, Pablo Ortiz Ponton, on this group each photographer exposed after one year of work the pictures in a yearly Photographic festival, Mexico organizes called “Foto Septiembre”.

He worked for ETV Productions where he was PA (Production Assistant); while he worked there, he got knowledge on the production and post production of commercials from some Ad Agencies, Grey, Ogilvy & Matter, McCann Erickson and some work from Atomic Films – made in Mexico City. He was in charge of supervising commercials from the US from Hasbro & Clearasil so they could be transfer to Spanish and be aired on Mexican Television. After this experience, he opened a Company called Nitro Films where he and his partner made two music videos for Mexican music labels one for Carina Ricco and the other for Litzy. From, EMI Music Latin America.

He also worked in some productions of new product placement for BBDO and Lowe & Partners for clients like: Doritos and Sabritas from Frito Lay & Sprite from Coca Cola Company. Until now Fito has shot more than 34 short films on 16mm, S16mm, 35mm. Some music videos on mix media 35mm, 16mm & 8mm as well as HDTV. He has collaborated on some Features from diverse Studios in Los Angeles, California.

In 1996 Fito was contacted by an old friend filmmaker, to make a company together with their knowledge acquired. “La Alcachofa Films” had born, with this company they start contacting all their relations on the commercial business in Mexico City, but first they had to finish the first project of La Alcachofa called “Zurdos” (Left handed) on 35mm, they had help from a lot of poeple on the media including companies like Panavision Los Angeles, in a short period of time they were on the heart of the New Mexican Movement for Film. In 1999 Fito Left “Los Alcachofos” as they were known.

He went back to school to specialize in cinematography at UCLA where he was though by some of the best filmmakers of this times, including: Charles Rose, Conrad Hall; ASC, Deland Nuse, Denis Muren, Bruce Block, Vittorio Storaro; ASC, Ira Teller, Valerie and Jonathan Ferris, David Garcia, and some others. In Los Angeles, CA, he was contracted to shot two shorts films for Fuzzy Hair Films and to shot various media for Primate Films where he collaborated with the well known line producer Kevin Hinds, Fito has also collaborated on some of the music videos for Fonovisa Los Angeles, and he has been a collaborator and n partner of DI77 Los Angeles, where Paco de La Torre is the the lead, Fito has also collaborated with the Twins Valenzuela and shoot some CD covers for some of their groups on Twiins Music, Like “El Chapo”. He had been contacted by his old friend Raul Azcarraga to unite forces and be a part of the Associates on his company: “Azcarraga & Associates” where he was an associate.

In 2004 Fito was one of the investors of “THE MAESTROS” and he set a partnership on a production company called “SUMO”, Fito is an active collaborator of some production companies in Mexico as a Cinematographer and he has more collaborations outside Mexico City on NYC & Austria: NODIVOX, in Los Angeles: DI77 for all the Latin Production & PRIMATE FILMS for all the MV & Commercials productions Hollywood Style.

He is part of the Group “LA TINA DE LOS MARRANAS” a Script writting group set by various film people in Mexico City, to push the film industry in the country.

From 2005, he is an Active Still Photographer for National Geographic Latin America where they ask him to join forces as a freelancer, he has also joined as a Freelancer other magazines: Sync, Marie Claire, Vogue Japan and some others.

He collaborated from the end 2005 to the mid 2006 with ELITE Magazine in Mexico City he was Director of visual concepts. In 2006 he work as a cinematographer for a Televisa TV Show that was on Air on 2007, called “PORQUERIAS”.

On the year 2006 he was nominated and selected for his work on the Campaign of International Red Cross, in the Caracol de Plata Awards.

In 2007 he shot a couple of magazine works including Korea’s spAce Magazine, Italy’s europinion Magazine, and a full double cover for Mexico’s “cuarta pared” magazine, he has also collaborated with 35AM  and with The Maestros on various projects.

Right now 2008 he is collaborating with various magazines including covers for OHM magazine and some others.

He has also collaborated this year on some of music videos and some short films

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6 comentarios en “About Fito Pardo

  1. hola Fito

    soy Cristina Montes, nieta de Marìa Luisa Pardo Bolland (Titi) casada con Anotnio Montes, me fue muy grato encontrar tu pagina con fotos de la hacienda, pero lo màs hermoso es el àrbol genealògico de la familia Pardo-Bolland, la cual mandè por correo a mis tìas Leticia y Magdalena para que en compañia de Tita vieran estas fotos tan hermosas, por que quiero comentarte que Titi aùn vive, creo que serìa hermoso que te pusieras en contacto con Lety para ver la manera de seguir ampliando la informaciòn de la hacienda, por otro lado, a que correo te pueda mandar fotos de la familia Montes-Pardo para el àrbol genealògico, por cierto, no te comentè que Titi vive con Lety.

    correo de Cristina Montes

    Saludos y espero tener noticias tuyas muy pronto!!!!

    Cristina Montes Venancio

  2. WOW, ésta hacienda tiene más de 128 años, es una reliquia, con lo que me gustan las antigüedades!! Fito, tanta gente Pardo que contactas y cuantas serán parientes y sin conocernos!
    el rencor ha separado a las familias por años y que padre que la gente de hoy se reconciliara, seguiré checando si tenemos parentesco.
    Eres muy talentoso, me gusta mucho tu trabajo y me sentiría orgullosa de ser tu pariente jaja.
    Un abrazo
    Evelyn Pardo

  3. Hola, Evelyn!
    Yo también conocí a Fito por medio de las fotos de Mazapa y resultamos ser primos lejanos. Soy bisnieto de Manuel Pardo quien era hermano mayor de Salvador Pardo, también creció en la Hacienda con la tía Gerarda Pardo.
    Si tienes información de la familia y acontecimientos sería padrisimo compartirlos.
    Jorge Enciso Meneses

  4. Por cierto, mi estimado Fito, te falta en el árbol genealogico las ramas del hermano de Salvador, toda la descendencia de Manuel, como los Pardo-de la Portilla, García-Pardo y Meneses-Pardo, jeje…
    Jorge Enciso

  5. Jorge, ayudame con eso voy a tu casa o nos juntamos en algun lado, voy con mi compu y me ayudas a poner lo que me falta, que hasta ahora estoy reactivando lo que me falta..

    Y Evelin, ve el arbol, chance si mandame tu email y te mando los datos del arbol



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